Monday, 26 November 2012

AfroQBen – Liquid Gold

In todays minefield of music, one way to keep your nose poked out so you get noticed is the old time skill of blending the genres. Not necessarily to have another strand of bass music that needs a name, just to be a little different.

AfroQBen throws off the shackles of restriction and serves up a main platter of Afro Funk, with side dishes of hip hop and reggae, dub, downtempo and bass music.

'Liquid Gold' is AfroQBen’s second full-length and it really brings together a fresh combination of styles. The whole album is filled with bangers, with the straight up intention to get you bouncing. Take the hip hop infused dub heavy vibes of 'Dirty Heart' for instance. Shimmy through a couple of tracks and you find yourself jamming on a cosmic wave of disco-house funk courtesy of 'House Fly'.

Other stand out tracks for me are the chunky hip hop, funk swagging rhythm of 'Everyone Jump' which gets a healthy dose of jacking vocals provided by Lafa Taylor & Reason. And also 'Cafe' which delivers an organic afrobeat jam with help from members of 'March Fourth Marching Band'.

The album gets wrapped with a downtempo, sitar laced eastern feeling track. I like the angle that's been approached here, but this one doesn't quite live up to the vibe of the earlier tracks. 
All in all however, 'Liquid Gold' is rather aptly named. Check out some of the tunes below and hop over to the soundcloud page for the rest of the album.

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